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Hi there! I'm glad you found me at Free Fun in Austin. My life story, in a nutshell, is this: I visited 18 countries and lived in five, before marrying a Canadian boy at age 22. I have degrees in Theatre Arts and French and worked in professional theatre for eight years, before having my first baby. Shortly after she was born, our little family moved from Canada to Austin. Our daughter was followed by three bouncing baby boys, and recently another little girl.

We've been in Austin for 12 years now, which is the longest I have ever lived in one place. Our kids are 6 months, 5, 7, 11 and 13, so we don't do a whole lot of international travel. Instead, I channel my wanderlust into exploring Austin and surrounding cities. There is a tremendous amount of fun packed into our area!

I hope you enjoy reading about all the free activities going on around town. Please follow Free Fun in Austin on Facebook if you can, as that is where I post the most information on a daily basis.

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Thank you for reading,

Heidi Gollub

The Free Fun Gang

Leigh Ann Torres - Contributing Writer

Leigh Ann Torres is a freelance writer and blogger living in Austin with her husband and three girls. She's a pretty good cook, a mediocre photographer, and a horrible housekeeper. She writes about the good, the bad, and the ridiculous of life with twins plus one at Genie in a Blog. You can also find her on Twitter.

Heidi Okla - Contributing Writer

With a background as a producer of award-winning children's educational websites, Heidi is happy with her current status as freelancer and stay-at-home-mom of three boys (ages 3, 5, and 7). She has been in Austin for 6 years and cannot imagine a better place to raise her family. Heidi admits that she can't pass up any opportunity for fun family adventures and is thrilled to share her experiences with you. Browse her literacy-focused kids activities on her blog, Read 'Em and Leap.

Nicole Basham - Contributing Writer

When Nicole Basham returned to Austin after an almost 10-year hiatus, she was surprised to learn that being an Austin native made her unique. She embraces the challenge of trying to find free (or, at least, street) parking downtown, coming up with alternate routes to avoid Austin’s ever-growing traffic and keeping up with all that her burgeoning hometown now has to offer. Returning to Austin allowed her to appreciate the friendly people, the sunny skies and the breakfast taco. When she’s not planning her next adventures, you can find her writing at LiveMom and SavvySource, letting more people know about Great Moments in Parenting and helping teen girls and their families with Barb Steinberg, LMSW.
Emily Dieringer - Calendar Gal

In her life before kids, Emily held jobs as a zookeeper, a middle school teacher, and a tour bus driver in the wilds of Montana--not one of which prepared her for the adventures of motherhood. Now she’s living the good life in Austin with her husband, two sons and a Great Dane. When she’s not off gallivanting with her boys, you might find Emily baking up a mean batch of cupcakes, recalling obscure 80s song lyrics, or dreaming of peace and quiet.

Catherine Prystup - Contributing Writer

Catherine Prystup is mama to three kiddos ranging in age from one to 14. Looking for more wisdom on how to spend your days? Head on over to LiveMom.com, a resource website for Austin-area moms (and dads, too!).

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