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 Monday, May 20, 2013

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Third Coast Extras is taking submissions for extras to work on the upcoming Transformers film sequel, directed by Michael Bay, shooting in the Austin area June 3-20, 2013.

Interested in being an extra?  Third Coast Extras needs adults ages 18-80s of all ethnicities and all types, including great character faces. They also need kids ages 9-12 of all ethnicities.


You'll need a flexible schedule with the ability to clear your schedule for both all day/night shoots if necessary and have reliable transportation to get to the set either in Austin or outside of town on location. You must have good follow-through and be able to commit to dates since the wardrobe department will need to have pre-fit clothing so you'll need to be able to attend a wardrobe fitting the week before shooting during the last week of May.

Minimum pay guarantee for extras is $58 for any shoot up to 8 hours. If past 8 hours, time and a half overtime pay kicks in (example: a 12 hour shoot day would be $101.52)

To submit, email with the subject heading "Transformers Extras" and follow the directions below exactly:

Men: include name, age, phone #, height/weight, jacket size, collar size/sleeve length, pants size (waist/inseam), and shoe size. Attach clear, current photos in high resolution - including a close photo (no professional headshots however) and a full length photo also. Please only casual photos not professionally taken.This Director wants to see your current everyday appearance.

Women: include name, age, phone #, height/weight, dress size, bust-waist-hips measurements, and shoe size. Attach clear, current photos in high resolution - including a close photo (no professional headshots however) and a full length photo also. Please only casual photos not professionally taken.This Director wants to see your current everyday appearance.

IMPORTANT: Must be Texas resident with valid Texas ID who lives in (or at least nearby) Austin, TX since shoot days can change at the last minute. Please don't submit if you're not local to the area or nearby. 

Image credit: Third Coast Extras via Facebook

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