The Newly Revamped Katherine Fleischer Park

 Thursday, March 17, 2011

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After Leigh Ann's fabulous guest post about the best Austin parks for parents of multiples earlier this week, a few people let me know that there have recently been some changes made to the Katherine Fleischer Park in Wells Branch MUD. Well, I just got home from Canada so, rather than do laundry, I took my kids to check out this great North Austin playground, and to take some photos of the updates. Although some of the parents present were nostalgic for play equipment that has been replaced (the balance beam, the bouncy animal ride, and the sandbox), my kids gave the new equipment two thumbs up.

The playhouse was closed for repairs last week, but is open once again!

Formerly the sandbox, these new monkey bars are fun for younger kids. My 4 year old was quite proud that he could climb up on top of them, with the help of those tires in the mulch.

If you go, consider bringing a kite. There is a field neighboring the playground and the people flying kites there today were having great success!

Katherine Fleischer Park
2106 Klattenhoff Drive
Austin, Texas

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