Indoor Fun at Lakeline Mall

 Thursday, August 12, 2010

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This morning we went to meet friends at the indoor playground, on lower level of Lakeline Mall, next to Dillard's. My little boys normally have a blast here, but today they had zero interest. There was something even more fun overshadowing poor Simon Kidgits Klubhouse.

That's right. Who can resist the magical lights and sounds of an old fashioned carousel? Those are my 4 little ones off to the right, basking in its glory.

Tickets for the carousel are $2 for 1 ride or $5 for 3 rides. Kids smaller than 42" must have an adult (16+) stand beside them on the ride, but the adult does not have to pay. So we hopped on board, and as the carousel turned, the kids saw something even more fun!

Inflatable Wonderland is half price on Tuesdays and Thursdays! This is the trouble with teaching kids to read.

They did have a grand time jumping. But jumping has a way of working up one's appetite. So, after half a dozen (free!) rides up and down the escalator, we made our way to the food court for lunch. Somehow our free morning out at the playground turned into a $50 adventure:
  • Carousel (4 kids) - $7 
  • Inflatable Wonderland (4 kids) - $24 + $4 for 4 pair of socks (required for play) 
  • Lunch (5 of us) - $15 
Oh well. We did have a fun morning! 

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