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 Monday, August 9, 2010

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Update: This playground was removed in February 2013. Hopefully it will be replaced with a new one soon!

If you love the super fun playground at Mueller Lake Park, there is another playground in Round Rock, designed by the same company!  In the Ikea parking lot, backing onto the shady deck of Mighty Fine, you will find this little gem of a playscape, made by KOMPAN. 

 It's not as big as the one in Mueller Lake Park, but still has plenty for busy kids to explore.

Rock climbing walls, climbing ropes, a hidden seat that rocks, slides, poles and bars are all packed into this one unit.

This climbing bar turns sideways at the top, for an extra challenge.

And there is a mini playscape for smaller kids to explore.  If you get over-heated, just head to the neighboring REI store and check out the (air-conditioned!) play area on the third floor.  Or cross the parking lot to visit Ikea, where you can check potty trained kids (between 37" to 54") into SmÃ¥land to play for free, while you shop.  

1 Ikea Way
Round Rock, Texas

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