Kaleidoscope Toys in Round Rock

 Monday, February 1, 2010

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Today I was looking for a quick indoor outing for my two little boys. There are many fun indoor playgrounds in our area,but we only had an hour, so I didn’t want to pay to play. Instead, we went to check out the sale at Kaleidoscope Toys in Round Rock. 

Kaleidoscope Toys is the very best kind of toy store: kid-friendly. The staff is very laid back and there are tons of toys out for kids to play with. From the very entrance, with a kid-sized front door, the store is their oyster. My one year old tried out a plasma car, a Step 2 push wagon, 3 different walking toys, a dollhouse, a doll stroller, 2 play kitchens stocked with fake food, a play house, a bead maze and much more. Meanwhile, my three year old was busy playing with 3 different train tables, a crawl-through tent, a magnetic easel, a spinning top and a see-saw. It's a great place to test drive toys!

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